UPDATE: UPHS nurses file Unfair Labor Practice charges against Duke LifePoint

UPDATE: Friday, October 20th 3:05 p.m.

UPHS — Marquette has released a comment on the recent Unfair Labor Practice charges filed against Duke LifePoint by the nursing staff. Regional Director, Marketing and Business Development Victor Harrington said:

UPHS – Marquette has not been notified of any charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board and therefore cannot comment on any specific allegations or details. Pending receipt of a charge, we would of course gladly work with the NLRB on appropriate resolution. It is not unexpected that the MNA would take this action, as it is a common pressure tactic unions use in conjunction with a strike. We do have three additional bargaining meetings scheduled in November, and we are ready to continue working together with the union to develop a new contract that meets the needs of our hospital, our nurses, and our community.

MARQUETTE — The Marquette nurses officially filed Unfair Labor Practice charges against Duke LifePoint with the National Labor Relations Board.

A source tells ABC 10 that the charges stem from the administration’s actions before, during and after the recent strike. The charges allege that hospital management acted unlawfully by making untruthful statements to members regarding their rights, by unfairly targeting members of the nurses union who lawfully participated in the strike and by giving preferential treatment to the few nurses who crossed the picket line.

The RN Staff Council and Duke LifePoint have bargaining sessions scheduled for November 1st, 14th and 16th.

This story is developing. Stay with ABC 10 for the latest information.