ISHPEMING — With colder weather fast approaching it’s important to know that anyone and everyone can suffer from aches and pains and especially the winter blues.

Cold weather can induce symptoms much like that of depression, a name for it, seasonal affective disorder, which can affect anyone at any age.

To combat symptoms it is important to stay active, stay social, and know the signs that something isn’t right.

“Well, the lack of light means limited hours to do what we like, the cold drives us indoors, and the fewer hours in sunlight means reduced serotonin levels. So that results in feeling depressed many days, lack of motivation, not enjoying things you used to do, a change in weight and sleeping patterns either increased or decreased, lack of concentration, indecisiveness, in some cases even thinking about death.”

To learn more about this illness and symptoms please seek professional services from a local therapist or counselor and be aware of signs.