HOUGHTON —¬†Houghton High School students who would like assistance with their writing assignments now have a new resource available to them. The school has opened its Writing Center for the season, where students can acquire assistance from writing coaches three days a week.

“And we just help them with mistakes, or if they have any questions about their grammar and it’s just a rewarding experience to be able to help these kids gets get some inner knowledge about writing,” said student and writing coach Connor Jackson.

The writing center is located in room 127 and open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all day. All students are welcome.

“So five years ago we decided to open a writing center here in our high school. Writing centers are something that are standard at the university level. However you don’t see them very often in the high schools and we thought that it would be a unique idea for us to have one here at Houghton High School,” said Ruth Ryynanan, the teacher who founded the Writing Center.

Writing coaches will be on hand help with all writing assignments and offer critique and revision assistance.

“So it’s really a nice way to help younger students get better at writing,” student and writing coach Karen Storrer.

Ryynanan says that the writing center is now entering its fifth year and credits co-teacher Kate Bonacorsi for much of its success.