NEGAUNEE — For some, the winter may be a breeze when it comes to having their car prepared…but lots of folks are taking a gamble in hoping their car lasts the winter season. Before it snows, make sure you take care of your car.

“You should check your coolant, make sure that’s good for 30–to–40–below zero, you should check your battery, make sure the battery terminals are clean, getting a good connection,” says Ideal Auto Owner Scott Gravedoni.

Another thing you might not know to check is your windshield fluid. If it doesn’t have enough alcohol in it, it’ll probably freeze.

“Start using winter fluid because the summer fluid will freeze up and we’ve got people coming in with frozen washer fluid in the wintertime,” said Gravedoni.

Last, but definitely not least, the tires. Cars are useless in the winter without the right ones.

“People need to check their tires and make sure they’ve got good tires in the wintertime, some people overlook that,” he said.

If your tire looks worn, then you should invest in some newer tires, otherwise your vehicle won’t be able to grip the snow, and you’re facing the wrong way on the road before you know it. Even if you only need an oil change, it may lead to more fixes.

“An oil change, most shops will give you an inspection, and let you know what your car needs,” said Gravedoni.

Don’t waste your time, your car will thank you later.