Students celebrate Indigenous People’s Day

MARQUETTE — Students at NMU stood for their beliefs and a new holiday, Indigenous People’s Day.

Several student groups and faculty members came out to celebrate with traditional songs, ceremonies, and teachings about the history of Columbus.

The students also marched the campus grounds to promote the new holiday for members of the public and for their voices to be heard.

“So throughout the day we have been hearing from our community, right now we have a large group here that has been here that has been, they’ve been hearing why they support this it has been community members, it’s been the natives and non–natives because we are all indigenous to somewhere and so this is a very big issue in our community that we would like the Board of Trustees to acknowledge, ” said Biidaaban Reinhardt, President of ASES and Co-President of NASA.

The Board of Trustees at NMU allegedly has not placed this issue on their agenda; however, students and faculty remains celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day