DETROIT — Abdul El-Sayed, a Democratic Candidate for Governor, issued a statement Sunday evening regarding the UPHS — Marquette nurses strike:

“Union-busting has no place in our hospitals and health centers. Marquette’s nurses are our neighbors, our family members, and friends of the patients. They serve in our communities. They were striking to demand better working conditions and fair compensation for overtime. This translates into better care for their patients.

I stand with the nurses, and I am deeply disturbed by the retaliatory path that Duke LifePoint has chosen by using an outside agency to do the nurses’ work. Duke LifePoint is more concerned about their bottom line than the well-being of their patients and their caregivers.

I look forward to meeting  these nurses and hearing their concerns when I travel to the UP this week.”

El-Sayed will be hosting a town hall meeting Monday night at 7:30 p.m. at NMU’s University Center.