MARQUETTE — Kids and families, one and all are welcome to stop by the Salvation Army on Baraga Avenue in Marquette to celebrate in the stores renovations and changes.

The new Family Store will be serving popcorn and pop to all who stop and are open with new hours. The public will get a look at the changes that have been happening to the store as well as be able to shop additional discounts on merchandise.

“Starting Monday we’ll be open six days a week a little later in the evening for those who don’t get off until five who want to come in. The object here for us is to turn this into funds that we can use to support our programs, our social services programs to be able to help the community and the area. It’s important that we do this as efficiently as possible,” said Store Manager Miles Baheley.

The Salvation Army is always looking for volunteers. Any donations are gladly accepted, and the store would like to thank the community for their support.