COPPER HARBOR — Hikers and Mountain bikers in the Keweenaw now have a new trail to explore.

“This is the type of outdoor adventure activity that draws people back to the Keweenaw,” said KEDA Executive Director, Jeff Radcliffe.

Cyclists from all over came together today for the opening ceremony at high rock bay to celebrate a new section of the Keewenaw Point Trail.

“So we’ve been working with the DNR and the community for a number of years, trying to get this trail developed that’ll eventually loop 30 miles kind of paralleling the shore line around the tip of the Keweenaw,” said Executive Director of the Cooper Harbor Trails Club, Lori Hauswirth.

The new section of trail marks the completion of phase two of the three phase project.

“Big project. Lots of time, lots of efforts. I’m just really proud of the partnerships we’ve developed with the people in copper harbor,” said DNR Trails Coordinator, Ron Yesney. “All the economic activity that’s occurring in copper harbor, because of the plans that we’ve developed 14, 15 years ago.”

Currently the trail is open to 12 miles natural terrain and now extends to high rock bay. This phase of the project was funded completely through fundraising efforts of the Copper Harbor Trails Club. Phase 3 is expected to begin as early as next year.