MARQUETTE — The Upper Peninsula has a rich history of business innovation and entrepreneurship. That was part of the message that more than two hundred students received today at the Celebration of Entrepreneurship at Northern Michigan University.

For nearly four hours, high school students from across the U.P. listened to entrepreneurs in the community who are making a living doing what they do. Topics ranged from leveraging a career in banking to starting your own small business.
NMU Dean of the College of Business, David Rayome, says getting teenagers inspired to be entrepreneurs is vital to the industry.

“This is the next generation of business creators,” said Rayome. “Many of these students may not realize this yet, but as life goes on many of them will be in situations where they’ll decide to start their own businesses. I think the biggest thing is that their destinies are in their hands, and they have the potential.”

Rayome added that next year’s celebration could have as many as five hundred local students. Keith Glendon, who graduated from Northern in nineteen ninety-eight, was the keynote speaker.