Forbes “digital marketing expert” comes to U.P.

MARQUETTE– Although social media provides us with many cute animal videos and updates from long distance relatives; it is also a major platform to promote your personal brand/business.

Tuesday morning River Valley Bank hosted a Social Media Breakfast Workshop at the Ramada Inn, in Marquette. Spencer Smith the social media marketing and strategy instructor at the University of Wisconsin, spoke this morning to nearly 50 community members and business owners on proven strategies to help your business grow.

But what are the top three things that hold people back on social media?

Number one is embarrassment, number two is criticism- but Smith has further explanation of the third.

“This is the one that’s most daunting to people and it’s silence,” social media marketing instructor Spencer Smith said. “Saying something brilliant, putting out something beautiful and having no one respond. So my proposal for people is to show other people first that you’re listening and then they will want to listen to you as well.”

The goal of the lecture today was to demystify what social media can do from a business standpoint.

Smith said social media isn’t as bad as people might think.

Some of the platforms covered today were Facebook and Linked In. Forbes has named Spencer Smith a digital marketing expert. Smith is also frequently featured in Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, InBusiness Magazine, and the Huffington Post.

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