A change of scenery is always good for a business, especially if the move is beneficial to all. Hanna’s tea times has moved across the street to Lowenstein’s Antique Mall in Negaunee. The partnership could not be more impeccable.

“We thought it would be a very good fit for shoppers who came into look at the antiques, and also sit down and have a cup of tea on fine china and crystal, and just experience that little step back in time,” said owner Mary Hanna Ockerman.

The tea industry has changed. Nowadays, people don’t consume tea like they used to, and Hanna’s tea times is looking to change that.

“Every single night our entire family would get together, crowd into a big dining room and have a pot pf tea, tal;k about the events of the day, or some funny word, or just have a good conversation, and that was one of my biggest memories growing up.”

Tea, as many people know, has many health benefits. It can help the immune system, battle cancer, and help with weight loss. But the social aspect of having tea—taking a break from the outside world—is also beneficial.

“Everyone needs to set aside a time in their busy, busy, hectic life, to sit down and have a cup of tea with a friend or someone that they love, and just stop, for a moment, enjoy a cup of tea, and talk about life,” said Ockerman. “It’s refreshing, the body needs that.”

Hanna’s tea times is open eleven to four Monday through Friday, and will continue with their seasonal tea parties later this month. For more information, you can check out their website at hannatea.com, or go to their facebook page.