NEGAUNEE — What’s the best way to get your kids outdoors and learning? Send them and their peers to a day at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum.

Students from local schools were given the chance to visit the Michigan Iron Industry Museum to get a look a Civil War Life as well as the state’s iron industry’s role in the war. They got to participate in sparking matches, holding swords, and handling other artifacts that were useful for surviving the war.

“We have school groups come and participate with Battery D, the living history encampment behind me, and there are three educational stations that they go to learn more about the battles of the Civil War, the lives of the soldiers and Michigan’s contribution to the war so the kids get a real hands on experience where they can experience the sights and smells of the Civil War and learn in a different way,” said Troy Henderson, historian.

In addition to the school group tours, members of the public will also be able to enjoy this experience on Saturday.