ISHPEMING — A company based in California is working to fill positions as a result of the impending strike by nurses at UP Health System – Marquette.

ABC 10 has confirmed HealthSource Global Staffing is looking for nurses to work at the hospital beginning October 5th. The 400 nurses that are part of the MI Nurses Association are set to strike October 5th and 6th.

They let hospital officials know about their intention to strike last week. According to Healthsource Global Staffing, depending on their specialty, nurses could make as much as $70 an hour, with travel and hotel accommodations included.

“These wages are more than double what UPHS Marquette nurses earn. It is appalling that Duke Lifepoint would invest that money in temporary help and not in its staff, and its ability to care for the patients at its own hospital,” said Scott Balko, RN and President of the UPHS Marquette RN Staff Council/MNA.

In a statement, UP Health System – Marquette responded to the strike announcement.

“We are securing fully-qualified staff to replace those who go on strike and are attending to every detail in preparation for this event. As always, delivering quality care and services to our patients will remain our primary focus, and we will not allow anything to stand in the way of providing the best for our community,” said Victor Harrington, Regional Director, Marketing and Business Development for UP Health System.

Nurses at the hospital have been working without a contract since late July. Negotiations for a new contract mainly revolves around staffing level concerns as it relates to patient safety.