MARQUETTE — Deer hunting season is just around the corner and with that, some hunting regulations, including apparel change. The Department of Natural Resources and Michigan Natural Resources Commission have ruled that Hunter Orange is a common denominator when it comes to what you wear while hunting.

“People could wear other colors, whether it’s pink or green or whatever color they want to wear, as long as they’re still meeting the requirements of the regulation for having to wear at least fifty percent hunter orange,” said John Pepin, Deputy Public Information Officer for the Marquette Department of Natural Resources.

The longstanding color has been proven by the DNR to reduce the risk of a hunting accident. The regulation appeals to safety, but also to those who might want to wear something else, providing an unbiased compromise.

“Of course we emphasize everyone do everything they can to remain safe out there, and wearing hunter orange is going to be one of those main things that will help people ensure safety when they’re in the wood,” said Pepin

The month of October brings on Archery season for hunting deer, followed by the regular firearm season in mid-November.