City commission announces changes to Development project

MARQUETTE–Construction changes are still on-going the Marquette area. Starting tomorrow morning another minor traffic changes will occur.

Starting at 7 a.m. on U-S forty one Tonti Road and Cliffs Power Road will experience traffic disruptions due to water main construction work. One southbound lane will be closed- traffic will be shifted to a single southbound lane. Both lanes will be open up during the night. The project aims to be done in four weeks. The public is advised to use caution when traveling through this area and to be alert for detours and advisory signing.

In other news, The Marquette City Commission has appointed eight residents of the city to serve as an oversight board to the Land Development Code project. The members of the oversight board will provide input and feedback to the consulting team, city staff, and the planning commission. The project aims to modernize the City’s land, use codes, and create a user friendly documents that updates and combines various ordinance code elements. The LDC project is in its third month and is scheduled to be completed in twelve months, not including time for the final public review and hearings.