How to de-escalate conflict safely

MARQUETTE– Witnessing a violent or unjust act can be very scary and may put you in the position of wanting to step in. But how can you intervene without escalating violence?

A program developed by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition aims to demonstrate how to do your part in tough situations. The Bystander Intervention program is taught across the country and will soon be held in Marquette under the Kinder Community Pledge Group. The class will demonstrate how to help without escalating violence when someone is the target of abuse.

“Make this a more peaceful community; we would like to have zero incidents of racial violence, of any political violence. We don’t want this to be a community that is harmed because of what is happening in the country right now,” local psychologist Mary Pelton-Cooper said.

Bystander Training will be held at the Peter White Library Tuesday, September 26th. The class will consist of role playing situations and focusing on what the target needs rather than the attacker. The program is for adults and also recommended for college students. If the class fills up more will be held in the future.

For more information to sign up visit Bystander Intervention Training: How to De-Escalate Conflict Safely.