MARQUETTE–While Marquette is seeing a lot of construction to its streets, another project is in the works downtown.

The Marquette City Hall is undergoing a more than $5 million renovation. Phase one of the renovation is well underway, with new boilers already installed, which have replaced the old steam boilers. Offices will also see updates, as many department spaces are feeling outdated. The current City Hall was built in the 1970’s, and the aging structure is starting to show signs that it needs attention.

“We’re doing our best to minimize the disruption to the public and we ask that everybody be patient with us,” said project supervisor Eric Stemen. “We’ll do as best as we can with all the signing, and make sure that we get people to where they need to go with as little hassle as possible.”

Over the course of the renovations, some departments may be moved around, and those changes will be announced when the time comes.