Historic plane gives residents exclusive view of the U.P.

KINGSFORD — Residents in the Iron Mountain area will have an opportunity to take a flight to the past this weekend in the first luxury airliner dating back to the 1920’s.

This Ford Tri-Motor has seen its fair share of history.

“It was finished in August of 1929, it started its airline service shortly after that as Eastern Air Transport,” said Volunteer Pilot with the Experimental Aircraft Association, Dave Ross.

An airline in Cuba later took possession of the plane, where it was used along surrounding islands for several years.

“It was also the Air Force one for the Dominican Republic for a little while, it came back to the states and ended up in Montana, dropping smoke jumpers on fires,” said Ross.

The Experimental Aircraft Association acquired the aircraft in 1973. This non-profit organization is dedicated to sharing the spirit of aviation with everyone.

“It’s all about aviation and helping people get into aviation who have it as an interest or hobby. It’s just comradery too, everybody gets together and has a good time,” said Ross.

Passengers on the plane can be reassured the flight will go along smoothly, Dave has been flying for over 50 years.

“I love airplanes, my Dad couldn’t drive past an airport without stopping and it just became engrained in me. The last 5 years I’ve been flying airplanes with the EAA. I used to fly for a living, I retired from that, now I fly just for fun,” said Ross.

Tickets are $75 each to ride in the passenger seats but there is an opportunity to ride in style next to the pilot himself.

“We are selling the co-pilot seat for $125,” said Ross.

All proceeds from the tickets will go towards the EAA. If you ever wanted a chance to experience the roaring 20’s then this week is the time to do it.

“It’s hard to beat flying Tri-Motor around the country selling rides, everyone’s happy when you show up, they enjoy the ride, and everyone smiles when they get off,” said Ross.

People of all ages are invited to come out to the Ford Airport in Kingsford this weekend to fly back in time on one of these Ford Tri-Motor aircrafts.