MARQUETTE — On paper, roadwork and construction would seem to focus on roadways and buildings, but the reconstruction project on U.S.-41 includes an environmental addition.

Since the work on U.S.-41 takes out part of a bog, Bacco Construction is adding another wetland to the Presque Isle bog walk. There is a lot more to bog re-creation than meets the eye.

“It’s got to meet requirements as far as the land-to-water ratio, the type of plants that have to be planted in there, it’s got to be suited for different types of wildlife, be it reptilian, or birds, or aquatic, stuff like that,” said Marquette City Engineer, Keith Whittington.

You can expect things to look a little different when the project is complete in just under two weeks.

“Right now they’re probably going to notice mounds like this throughout, which was what was required by the DEQ, probably won’t see a whole lot of vegetation growing quite yet, that’ll probably be more noticeable next spring. They’ll plant it this year, and then next spring you’ll actually be able to see the vegetation coming up,” said Whittington.

The City of Marquette advises the public to use caution when in the area, and keep a close eye out for construction and warning signs.