Electronics disposal opportunities coming to Marquette County

MARQUETTE — Anyone interested in getting rid of some old electronics like a TV or laptop, will soon have a couple opportunities in Marquette to dispose of them.

The Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority will be collecting a variety of electronics next week including tablets, printers, computer monitors, scanners, and much more. This event that was coordinated by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality gives local residents the chance to safely dispose of electronics that are no longer used.

E-waste in the landfill has been rapidly growing; some of the materials in these electronics have recoverable value. The hazardous components in these materials are also preferred to be diverted away from the landfill.

“Overall, the most important thing is to try to divert these kind of materials away from the landfill. Our goal here is to extend the life of the facility and keeping e-waste out of the landfill is important,” said Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority Director of Operations, Brad Austin.

The collections will be on September 19th and the 20th. On Tuesday, the electronics will be collected at the Lakeview Arena parking lot in Marquette and on Wednesday, they will be collected at the Westwood High School parking lot in Ishpeming. Both days, the collection times are between 3 and 7 P.M. The collections are free of charge but a monetary donation to the Feeding America Food Bank is encouraged.

For a full list of items being collected, you can click here.