UPPCO assists in Hurricane Irma restoration

ISHPEMING–  Tuesday morning workers from the Upper Peninsula Power Company departed for the South to lend a hand with the devastation left from Hurricane Irma.



As of right now around 7 million are without power from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning UPPCO trucks loaded up heading down to Tampa Florida. The crew is made up of volunteers, eight linemen and a supervisor. Hurricane Irma passed through the Tampa bay Sunday morning, creating 90 mph winds in the area.

“When adverse weather like hurricane Irma hits and causes so many customers to be out of service, we as a nation must come together and assist in the restoration effort,” UPPCO CEO Brett French said. “Upper Peninsula Power Company is pleased to be able to do its part.”

UPPCO is happy to respond assisting with restoration efforts along with others across the nation.

The crew anticipates supporting the hurricane Irma restoration efforts through the end of September and possibly longer.

“They’ll be doing a number of things to assist with down power lines and making repairs to the electrical infrastructure to bring the lights back on,” French said.

According to UPPCO service to customers here in the U.P. will not be affected, sufficient resources are here at home to respond.