U.P. Rainbow Pride Fest approaching

MARQUETTE — The 4th annual U.P. Rainbow Pride Fest is coming to Marquette this weekend, inviting anyone from the community to participate in the all inclusive festivities offered.

Starting at noon on Saturday at Tourist Park, there will be entertainment, games, music, and food, along with a plethora of other activities. Booths from various organizations in the community will also be set up, discussing services offered in the area.

Some of these services include suicide prevention and substance abuse information aimed at helping youth.

“This event gives you the chance to see who is out there, what support is out there, what resources there are, some people don’t even know where to go with things such as suicide prevention. AIDS prevention, public health, all those kinds of things, we’re going to have literature for days basically, so people know where they can go for resources for anybody in the community, not just for LGBTQA individuals,” said U.P. Rainbow Pride Board Member, PJ Stephens.

There is no charge to get into the festival and people of all ages are invited to participate. Board Members have seen a lot more people wanting to get involved with this year’s festival along with more sponsorships than previous years.

To keep up to date on the schedule of events, you can click here.