Downstate experts say local city has opportunities for revitalization

ISHPEMING — Ishpeming recently had a few visitors who are hoping to breathe some life back into the city.

The state authorized experts in economic development, historic preservation and re-development to assess some downtown buildings late last month. The assessments were funded by the State of Michigan as a part of Project Empire to analyze the opportunities in the area. The experts are compiling a report on their findings and will give the city advice about strategies and opportunities for the buildings.

“I’m optimistic that we will see some redevelopment projects in our community in the next year or two that will really be nice and help make downtown more vital and vibrant and bring some new business into town,” said Slown. “There’s no guarantee, but that’s what we’re working towards. It gives us some visibility of opportunities we have.”

With the Anderson Building being remodeled and the Partridge Creek Farm Headquarters facelift, Slown is hopeful that other buildings, like the Butler Theatre, will see some traction. The assessing experts were from an architect firm and an urban development firm, both downstate. They have been authorized for a second visit to look at the mining buildings in the near future.