LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder is leading a mission to Japan and Germany focusing on attracting jobs, creating business investments and promoting Michigan’s strength in the automotive and mobility sectors.

Snyder departs for Japan today and travels to Germany on Sept. 11 before returning to Michigan on Thursday, Sept. 14. This will be his sixth trip to Germany and fourth to Japan since he took office in Jan. 2011.

“The world is increasingly interconnected and it’s important for leaders in other countries to hear about what Michigan has to offer,” Snyder said. “We’re the leader in automotive research and design, we have a strong manufacturing base and we have a talented workforce. Those qualities are attractive to businesses considering expanding in the United States, and we want them to create those jobs here.”

Snyder will meet with Japanese auto company leaders and visit officials from Michigan’s sister-state, Shiga Prefecture, where he will participate in the 50-year anniversary celebration of the sister-state relationship. The governor will also present the Michigan economic success story at the 2017 Midwest U.S.- Japan Association meeting in Tokyo on Monday.

After the meeting, Snyder heads to Germany for the 67th Frankfurt Auto Show, where he is scheduled to meet with executives from automotive supply chain companies and European auto-part suppliers. He will promote Michigan as the premier automotive business location in North America, and draw attention to the state’s range of automotive mobility initiatives, collectively known as PlanetM.

Officials from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and representatives from local economic development agencies, including the Detroit Regional Chamber and the Right Place, Inc., will join Snyder.

From Jan. 2011 to Aug. 2017, there have been 54 investments from Japan-based companies and 121 investments from German-based companies into Michigan. Those projects amounted to $1.46 billion in capital investment and 4,316 jobs and $2.63 billion in capital investment and 9,592 jobs, respectively.

Other missions led by Snyder and Lt. Gov. Brian Calley include France, Japan, South Korea, Canada, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Chile, Columbia, India, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Great Britain. The missions have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of investments in Michigan by foreign companies adding jobs to Michigan’s workforce.