U.P. woman with M.S. encouraging others to attend fundraiser

ESCANABA — The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is bringing back an annual fundraiser to the U.P. and an Escanaba resident who lives with the illness is hoping to bring people together who also live with M.S.

Mandy Young has been living with the illness for around 10 years. This walk allows people with M.S. to connect with one another and learn about the services offered by the National M.S. Society. Just some of these services include covering financial burdens from hospital bills to assistance with new medical equipment in the home.

When first being diagnosed with M.S., Mandy wanted to keep her illness more private but after meeting people in the community who also live with the illness, she has opened up and is encouraging others to do the same.

“The first year that I found out about the walk, I didn’t go because I didn’t want anyone to ask me about it. When I went there, nobody asked me about it, everybody was very nice and super kind. I met a lot of new people that either had M.S. or were part of the M.S. Society community that I still talk to today,” said Escanaba Resident who lives with M.S., Mandy Young.

Since talking with other people in the area who have M.S., Mandy hasn’t felt alone with the illness and takes comfort in their support. The walk kicks off at 10 A.M. on September 10th at the Superior Dome.

Registration can be done online by clicking here or in person the day of the walk.