Senator Stabenow stops in Munising on Small Business Tour

MUNISING — U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow stopped in Munising to visit with business owners and employees in the area as part of her statewide Small Business Tour.

The first stop was for a tour at VanLandschoot & Son’s Fish Market, which has been in business for five generations. While not all business models are the same, Stabenow said the ones she has visited share a similar concern.

“Over half of the jobs in Michigan are being created by small businesses and I’m also listening to what their concerns are and their opportunities. As a result of the tour I’ve been doing, for instance, the top issue I’ve heard about is workforce, people needing to match-up employees with the types of jobs and skills that they have,” said Stabenow. “We have a lot of jobs being created from small businesses and large businesses that involved hands-on, making things, building things, doing things and I want to shine the light of day on that as well.”

As part of the small business tour, Stabenow has also been hosting discussions focused around skilled trades and technical careers being a viable option after high school.