Local Veterinarian helping animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey

MARQUETTE — Following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, communities everywhere are coming together to help families impacted by the storm including right here in the U.P.

Dr. Tim Hunt of the Bayshore Veterinary Hospital and creator of an all natural pet food is donating a truck load of dog food to animals impacted by the hurricane. All together there’s around 44,000 pounds of food being donated. This food is being brought to a rescue group that will later distribute it to shelters in the area.

It’s estimated that 15,000 animals will be placed in shelters this weekend alone, the others will be flown to shelters around the country.

“They are going to be moved someplace where all the stores are flooded so the food is wet and people leave the animals behind. As the waters recede, there’s going to be a lot of heart ache that people are going to find, but they are also going to find a lot of animals that were left behind too and are in need of homes,” said Veterinarian, Dr. Tim Hunt.

Although Dr. Tim’s pet food is a small business, they have been working quickly and diligently to get food down to Texas. Dr. Hunt is encouraging everyone to donate what they can to victims of Hurricane Harvey by searching for opportunities online and picking the organization of your choice.