UPDATE: Stolen wheelchair returned

UPDATE–The missing wheelchair has been located and returned back to the Barry family.

ISHPEMING — A mother in Ishpeming is upset that her son, who suffers from physical disabilities, had his wheelchair stolen.

Patty Treloar Barry’s son, Alger, 11, depends his wheelchair to get around. Alger was born with a very rare syndrome, arthrogryposis, a rare syndrome that affects the joints.

“He uses the wheelchair for longer distances, or when he’s tired – he uses it a lot in the winter for safety reasons for to and from school, and he uses it a lot at school,” said Alger’s Mother, Patty Barry. “So, with his chair being missing, they basically took his legs away from him and his independence.”

Patty has filed a report with the Ishpeming Police Department. If you have any information about the stolen wheelchair, contact Ishpeming PD at (906) 486-4416.