Freshman students welcomed to new home

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University is ready to kick-off another school year, with freshman students moving into the residence halls today.

There was a mix of emotions as parents and students unpacked and settled into their new homes. It’s estimated that by the end of today, around 2,000 freshman will be moved in.

NMU President Fritz Erickson carried on an annual tradition today and helped students move-in.

“I have two favorite days on campus, one is commencement when we graduate everybody and second, is freshman move in day. That’s what makes today so very exciting, to see all the excitement from parents and students, along with all the emotions that go into today, it really is an amazing time,” said Northern Michigan University President, Fritz Erickson.

With the first ever residents moving into NMU’s new residence hall, ‘The Woods,’ the anticipation was high to see the student’s excitement.

“Our first move-in happened this morning at 8:00, the young lady walked in and I thought she was going to burst into tears with excitement. It’s neat to see parents and students come together,” said Housing and Residence Life Director, Jeff Korpi.

“Just starting off without any prior set-up to this housing, being able to build that community and my residents and I being the architects to this new building, is just so exciting for me,” said Northern Michigan University RA, Andrew Zuniga.

A welcome home party will be held tonight at 7:30, all students along with staff are invited to attend.