Bergman releases statement on North Korea situation

WASHINGTON D.C. — Congressman Jack Bergman (Mi-01) released the following statement on North Korea:

“As tensions with North Korea increase, it is imperative that the United States, along with the international community, remain steadfast in the pursuit of a nuclear-free North Korea. It is entirely unacceptable to allow a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching our western shores into the hands of Dictator Kim Jong Un.

“Secretary Jim Mattis has shown, in no uncertain terms, that the United States will no longer accept leading from behind in areas of national security and defense. Additionally, the House recently took the lead and voted to pass additional sanctions on the DPRK, severely crippling its access to international markets. As a next step, additional diplomatic pressure from our regional partners must be applied, to inhibit North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and discourage Kim Jong Un from his continued pervasive posturing.”