Jeske sentenced to probation

MARQUETTE– A teenager who stole an assault rifle from a family member was sentenced in Marquette County court Friday morning.

Seventeen-year-old Jacob Jeske was sentenced to 18 months of probation. Jeske served all 103 days of required jail time before trial.

Judge Mazzuchi said probation will be best for the teenager.

Back in June Jeske plead guilty to larceny of a fire arm. Jeske was facing three felonies; receiving and concealing a firearm a 10-year felony, larceny of a firearm a 5-year felony, and weapons felony firearm a 2-year felony.

The Forsyth Township Police Department was called to the 100 block of Savage Street on a larceny complaint back in April. An AR 15 Assault Rifle was taken from the residence with surveillance footage from the victim; officers identified the suspect as Jeske.