MARQUETTE — After months of walking in parades, forums and talking with constituents, the race for the 109th State Representative seat is down to democrat Sara Cambensy and republican Rich Rossway.

Cambensy came out of a field of four democratic candidates to secure the bid. Rossway ran unopposed in the primary.

Now, the two Marquette area residents will spend the next three months campaigning to see who can land the most votes in the next election on November 7th.

“It will be reaching out hopefully to work with both Jeremy Hosking as well as Joe Derocha. They both were very strong in their home communities; hopefully gain the support of their supporters,” said Cambensy.

“What I’ve been doing is knocking on doors. What’s really important to me is people ask me what my issues are, but I ask the constituents what are your issues and what are you concerned about,” said Rossway. I want people to call me and let me know what their concerns are.”

Both nominees are looking to replace John Kivela, who passed away in May.