MARQUETTE — The primary elections are well underway as voters are flocking to the polls to cast their vote.

Traffic on Wright Street in Marquette in front of the Municipal Service Center did not stop voters in Precinct four from coming in and using the new tabulators. Marquette County is the only county in the U.P. using this updated ballot box.

The tabulator is used as a safety measure, especially if a recount is needed in the future, this would allow for both a physical and scanned copy to be available for review.

The Marquette City Clerk was pleased with the amount of voters who came out.

“We’ve had a constant flow of voters coming in and out, which I’m really pleased with. I thought it was going to start out a little bit slow but it’s a steady stream of people and apparently they aren’t having too much of a problem finding how to get in the building, even though it is a little bit difficult with the construction,” said Marquette City Clerk, Kris Hazeres.

Precinct four will continue to be located at the Municipal Service Center in the near future. Residents from precinct one, two, and three can vote at the Baraga Gym and voters in precinct five, six, and seven can head to the YMCA.

If you haven’t had the chance to cast your vote yet, polls are open until 8 P.M. local time.