NMU reports increased enrollment for upcoming academic year

MARQUETTE — Enrollment is up for the incoming freshman class at Northern Michigan University.

Applications for incoming freshman increased 16% this year; participants registering for orientation along with housing applications also saw a significant increase. Many different factors are believed to have contributed to the rise in enrollment, such as new housing options, additional academic programs, along with revamped recruiting methods.

“Two years ago, we really changed what we were doing, when it comes to recruiting. We’re reaching out to more students. Our prospect pool this year was over 17,000 students, last year it was around 11,000. We’re contacting the right students, we’re delivering the right messages. We have recruiters all over the northern Midwest,” said Northern Michigan University Spokesperson, Derek Hall.

Other than the recruitment methods, having the Today Show make a stop in town didn’t hurt enrollment numbers. With 400 additional beds available on campus, the university is ready for the upcoming school year.

“Everything is coming together, the food operations are ramping back up, we’re hiring students, parking lots are being repaved. There’s a lot of things going on but that’s part of the energy in the fall time on a campus and it’s really a lot of fun,” said Hall.

Move-in time is around the last week of August with classes beginning on August 28th.