MARQUETTE–Big changes are coming to waste disposal in the city of Marquette.

On Monday night, in a 6-1 vote, the Marquette City Council gave Waste Management a seven year contract for residential curb-side pickup. Waste Management is offering a new hybrid contract which will offer residents in the city a choice between new bins or the original bag system for pickup. The bin prices haven’t been determined yet, but bag prices will remain at $1.50. This new plan will be $117 cheaper each year.

The new options won’t be available until after October 1st, as the city finalizes plans and specifics.
This plan was chosen over a less expensive out of state contract with Eagle Waste.

“I feel that extra expense is justified, because it gives the consumer the choice of bags or carts, and it continues to support our recycling program here in the county,” said Marquette City Manager, Mike Angeli.

The locally owned North Country Disposal will be handling waste disposal for city facilities and special cleanups with this new bid.