Democratic Socialists of America set up local chapter

MARQUETTE — A new political organization has made its way to the area.

The Democratic Socialists of America have a chapter setting up shop right here in Marquette, ready to tackle local issues and be active in the community. As an organization, the group focuses on fair and equal housing, education, access to healthcare, workers rights. And since they are not a party nor affiliated with any party, they are willing to work with groups that share similar views.

“Like Yoopers, we generally don’t tend to be along party lines,” said DSA Organizing Member, Robert Frisk. “Many people will vote for what makes sense and we are going to try and echo that. We hope that people will come and join our organization to give us more power. More people is more power and we want more power in the hands of the people.”

“Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in Marquette County and there’s reason to believe he would have won the general,” said Organizing Member, Michael Williams. “Our vision is almost identical to that of Bernie Sanders so I believe there’s not just a need, but also a desire.”

Organizing members encourage anyone interested in the organization to come to their inaugural meeting this Thursday at 7 pm in the Lions Room at the Peter White Public Library. For more information about the organization, click here.