Local firefighters shed light on disease through annual fundraiser

MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Fire Department kicked off a two-day fundraiser as part of a 60-year old tradition among firefighters across the country.

Firefighters were standing at the intersections of McClellan and Cleveland and Third and Hewitt; asking motorists for donations as part of the annual Fill the Boot campaign for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The money raised, which usually varies between twelve thousand and fifteen thousand dollars, not only goes towards research but also provides opportunities for children living with the disease.

“The reactions were great today. Before we even had the signs out of the truck and into the intersections people were stopping to hand us some money,” Dan Pruner of the Marquette City Fire Department said. “Not many people say no, they may give us a couple of handfuls of change out of their ashtray or may give us some bills. It all adds up. We don’t get a lot of people who say no so it’s great.”

The campaign continues tomorrow from one to four with firefighters at the intersections of Front and Washington and Pine and Fifth. Pruner added that he and the fire department wanted to thank the city for supporting their cause.