Blueberry Festival comes to local city

MARQUETTE — Downtown Marquette is the location of a festival celebrating a certain kind of fruit today.

Washington and sections of Front Street have been closed off and lined with produce stands and other street vendors since 10 A.M. in celebration of the 16th annual Blueberry Festival.

Some downtown restaurants are carrying blueberry fare, from blueberry pizza to blueberry beer, while many downtown shops are offering “blue” specials.

“I just love the business,” Spiessl said. “I love all the little vendors that come up here, everybody participating. It’s usually always nice out here and I love the music, the food, everything.”

Along with blueberry-themed street sales, the festival also features live music throughout the day and activities for children such as pony rides and inflatable arcade games.

The event closes at on Friday at 7 P.M.