MSHS agrees to deal with BSN Sports and Nike

MARQUETTE — Sports apparel is a big part of high school athletics and one local school is making a big announcement on that front.

Marquette Senior High School has signed a five–year agreement with BSN Sports and Nike to provide the apparel and equipment for all Redmen and Redettes sports beginning this upcoming season. BSN was already providing apparel for the football team, as well as boys and girls basketball. But this move will help with the costs associated with all of the teams.

“We had situations where coaches were using a variety of vendors, and taking a look at what those price breaks were from retail price to what we’re actually paying, and then taking a look at those price breaks and being able to transition over to a school-wide deal, where the price break was significantly greater, just made the most sense,” Marquette athletic director Alex Tiseo said.

The school–wide agreement is the first of its kind for a U.P. school and there are many benefits for making a deal like this.

“The apparel and equipment purchasing. Price breaks are one thing, but then we’re going to be able to see benefits in the areas of team fundraising, online apparel sales and school pride. We want our students here at Marquette Senior High to be able to go in and be excited to put on a Nike t-shirt with our athletics logo on it and come out to games. If they are a participant, being able to wear that on the sidelines or on the field or court, or just supporting our teams in the stands as well,” said Tiseo.