Yooper Paranormal holds haunting presentation

ISHPEMING–Throughout history, ghosts have always been an item of taboo. Do they exist? One group of paranormal researchers in the UP says they have evidence to back that up.

A public presentation for the Yooper Paranormal team was held Thursday evening at the Ishpeming Carnegie Library. The group explained their scientific reasoning behind their findings, and even shared a glimpse into some of their own research involving spirits, orbs, and EVP recorded voices. Attendees were enthralled as they watched what appeared to be spirits captured on camera.

“I know there are skeptics out there, and there’s going to be, and until you experience it, I think it’s harder to say or to believe in it, until you’ve experienced hearing a voice, you know, right next to you – and there’s no one there,” said Trish Kautz of Yooper Paranormal.

In the past, the team has visited sites like the infamous Lilac Room at the Landmark Inn in Marquette, and their personal favorite, the Nahma Inn.