MARQUETTE–Hundreds of people came out to the Marquette Regional History Center on Wednesday evening, as a history walk was led through downtown.

The Docks of Iron Bay tour was led by community member Jim Koski, as different points of the downtown area were explored to show how history molded the shape and personality of the ever growing city. From the ore docks, to coal and freight docks, to rail lines that affected street layouts, the secrets of the city were explored to the public’s excitement.

“We’re going to play ‘urban archaeologist’,” said historic tour guide, Jim Koski. “We’re going to point out how you can still see signs of stuff that was built 150 years ago and how those railroads and how that stuff shaped the city that we live in today.”

The history center holds walks like these from time to time, but organizers say this is one of the largest turnouts that they have seen.