MARQUETTE–  The dreary weather Thursday didn’t have many locals packing a beach bag, but this Sunday it looks like the sun will be out to celebrate Lake Superior Day.

The Marquette Maritime Museum is hosting their first ever Lake Superior Days. Instead of toting a beach towel and sunblock to the beach, the museum is handing out bags for clean up. The celebration of your favorite Lake Superior beach also comes with a complementary postcard and $1 off admission for the day.

“Lake Superior Day is a day that others around Lake Superior have been celebrating a lot in the past and we thought Marquette needed to be a part of this,” manager Hilary Billman said. “So we decided at the Maritime Museum that we wanted to have everybody to celebrate, experience, and appreciate by coming by the museum and picking up a free compostable recycled garbage bag.”

The idea of a day dedicated to clean-up, roots from the city wide celebration in Duluth.

Billman said the museum is excited to be able to give Marquette the opportunity to give back in a similar way.

The goal of Lake Superior Day is to spark a tradition to take care of our lake not just on the 17th of July but throughout the year.

 “Anytime you go and you see a plastic bag around, little plastic pieces, bottle caps, or anything like that we need to pick-up because we don’t want birds and other animals eating them,” Billman said. “We don’t want them to get into Lake Superior so I think it’s really important that we pick up our trash and keep everything clean.”

The event gives families an opportunity to teach children how to respect our beaches and the lake. The compost bags will be given out until supplies last starting at 11 A.M.

For more information on the event visit Lake Superior Days.