Family’s home destroyed by fallen tree

GWINN — A young family whose home was completely destroyed by a tree is now looking for assistance with getting back on their feet.

On June 23rd, Maci Kugler awoke to a startling sound.

“That was the loudest noise I’ve ever heard in my entire life and the windows shattered, pieces of the ceiling and roof was falling on our faces. We had to rush to get the kids out,” said Maci Kugler.

A large tree had fallen on the house, where nine people were living. None of which were injured.

“It was very scary, a house of nine people, we live with his parents, and nobody got hurt,” said Kugler.

Although the sound of the tree falling closely replicated thunder, a storm wasn’t what caused the tree to fall.

“It was rotted; there really wasn’t any high winds or anything like that. It was rotted and full of ants,” said resident of the destroyed home, Matthew Bigger.

The young couple’s home is now completely destroyed and no longer livable.

“The house is being condemned, it’s that bad. It’s cracked down to the foundation and it’s being torn down,” said Kugler.

In response to this, Maci and Matthew have been living with Maci’s parents in Gwinn.

“It’s a little house but they gave up their room for us four, we have to stay in their room. It’s kind of difficult with the two little ones, they wake each other up and that’s why we’re trying to find a place as soon as possible, then my parents could have their room back,” said Kugler.

Maci has two children and a third one on the way, all of which were in the home when the tree fell. The family is asking for any help they can get, almost all their belongings were lost in the home.

“Upon trying to get a place, there is a lot of other stuff that we have to get, such as furniture. Definitely any donation will be greatly appreciated,” said Bigger.

When leaving the house, essential items were left behind such as cradles and furniture; the only things grabbed were irreplaceable items, such as pictures.

“We were able to get some of our stuff but we had to leave behind quite a bit of it, like our bed and everything like that,” said Kugler.

If you are interested in helping out the family, you can do so through a Go Fund me page by clicking here.