Local family opens vinyl store

ISHPEMING– A recently opened business in Ishpeming is keeping vinyl records alive.

Vinyl Destination is located in the historic Gossard Building, the vinyl shop is family owned and ran. The records for sale range from rock to classical, country, and everything in between.

Co-owner Jason Potila  shared why people should give vinyl a chance and how records became apart of his life.

“Give it a listen because they sound really great,” Co-owner Jason Potila said. “It’s a great experience to listen to a record, the crackles and pops are actually apart of the charm of them I think. When I was 10 years-old I bought from first record in a store, K-Mart I think it was Death Leopard Pyromania Mania and after that I’ve just really liked the format. I thought it always sounded superb to other things.”

The records sold in the store are the family’s personal collection that keeps on growing.

Potila said reactions from customers have been excited and even surprised to see a store like the family’s around. Currently the shop is only open until 2 p.m. but hours may extend later in the summer.

For more information visit Vinyl Destination.