Wisconsin community lends hand to local farm

ISHPEMING — A group of Green Bay residents are helping a local farm assemble planters and plant seeds for our community.

Members of Cavalry Lutheran Church in Green Bay spent the week in Ishpeming for a mission trip, assisting Partridge Creek Farms with a planting project at the Elks. The group planted a variety of seeds in hugelkulture planters, which uses a compost-base for growing plants. Participants were educated on the benefits of sustainable living practices all while taking away a good life lesson about helping out other communities.

“It’s definitely given me a different to look at things,” said Majriela Macedo, a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. ” I haven’t done this kind of volunteering to this extent. Normally I go ring bells or do something with my sorority on campus, but we’ve never come to farms to do anything, but it’s really changed my view point of things.”

“It’s showing me that volunteering isn’t as bad as some people think it is, like it can actually be fun and it helps you grow as a person,” said Ariana Jansen, a freshman at Ashwaubenon High School

The girls added that it feels good to help a new group of people and that learning to utilize resources to their full potential is a lesson they’ll take away from the experience.