People of all ages take part in PastyFest 2017

CALUMET — Every Saturday before Fourth of July weekend, Yoopers make a pilgrimage to Calumet for PastyFest.

This year, the weather pushed vendors and the star dish into the Keweenaw Heritage Center, but that didn’t stop all ages from enjoying their pasties from four different vendors. However, everyone knows all pasties are not created equal.

“Which vendor did you get your pasty from downstairs?” “Connie’s.”

“Yeah, it’s from Suomi.”

“My wife and I said ‘Let’s try one from Lindall’s and one from Connie’s.'”

One vendor, Pasty Central, was selling pasties to raise money for the Beacon House in Marquette, where families of patients receiving care at UP Health Systems Marquette stay.

“We’re, right now, today, selling our pasties for a fundraiser for Marquette so that the patients can have their families there and that will support them so they don’t have to pay for it, or that will take off a cost at least,” said Jessica Jones of Pasty Central.

Main Street Calumet, who hosts the event, knows that pasties aren’t for everyone. Even if you don’t want to eat a pasty, we offer a lot of other experiences that are great fun.

If you want to see the MSU Extension Fender Blender, make your own smoothie on a bicycle, come on. We have great, great vendors, we also have great musicians here and performances,” said Executive Director of Main Street Calumet Leah Polzien.

The weather even held off for people to enjoy the parade, led by Cousin Jack and people showed off their cool cars to raise money for the Keweenaw Heritage Center.