Local committee helping spring bloom in one U.P. city

MARQUETTE — The Ishpeming Beautification Committee launched their program today to beautify the downtown area with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Volunteers and committee members gathered in front of Old-Ish to celebrate their blossoming city. Multiple landscapes and gardens are being planted and maintained throughout the city by around twenty volunteers. Their work can be seen at several different locations including Lake Bancroft, outside of city hall, and the Old-Ish garden on Main street.

These are some of the efforts being made by the committee to make Ishpeming more attractive to tourists and residents.

“Theres a sweet smell in the air. It’s spring, it’s early summer and it’s just beautiful and wonderful. And we have all these wonderful people who are helping our community and that’s really, it just lifts my spirits and warms my heart,” said Mark Slown, Ishpeming City Manager.

“We are trying to make Ishpeming a more welcoming city, we want to see more visitors come here because we are a special place too. We want visitors, we want businesses to start here and new people to set up residence here. We welcome everybody,” said Linda Andriacchi, Chairperson of the Ishpeming Beautification Committee.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a member you can email Linda at Linda.andriacchi@gmail.com.