MARQUETTE–The feeling of excitement and butterflies you get when hearing the ice cream truck for the first time that summer, that’s how ABC 10 feels about food trucks.

The Midnight Blues BBQ traveled all the way from downstate, and the idea of selling food to yoopers rooted from the owners’ love of the Blues Fest hosted a Lower Harbor. Their mouth watering menu ranges from sweet and savory and a big kick of spicy, for the daring pulled pork lovers. Now I’m a huge fan of spice, so I tried out the special today which bursted with unique flavor. It’s not a BBQ without a couple sides, but sadly those homemade recipes can’t be shared.

“My potato salad is a loaded baked potato salad, it’s unique, it’s not your traditional potato salad,” Owner Teresa Howes said. “Everybody really seems to enjoy it.”

“We’ve got going on special today is our MB Slider, kind of a special concoction I come up with and hope everybody tries it and enjoys it,” Owner RJ Bragg said.

“A little bit of nervous you know quitting jobs and starting a new adventure,” Howes said.

The owners said this new adventure is their dream and bringing the truck to the U.P. is a check off the bucket list.

Midnight Blues BBQ offers rib and brisket specials as well. Soon the truck will be frequently found outside Cognition Brewery. For more information on locating the truck visit Midnight Blues BBQ.