Registration still open for Big Bay Relay

BIG BAY — The 41st Big Bay Relay is this coming Saturday and don’t worry it’s not too late to grab a team.

The relay tradition started back in the Spring of 1972. The first race brought only 10 relay teams, the event has now grown to include over 50 teams in the past couple years. The race starts in Marquette at the Kaufman Sports Complex and finishes in Big Bay at the Thunder Bay Inn. Overall teams will run a total of 26 miles.

“It’s a relay event so five members on each team take turns running about a mile to two miles each,” Big Bay Race Director Brent Skaw said. “The relay brings teams together, it’s not very often you get to run or compete with a group of people. But this you get to cheer on your teammates whether it’s coworkers, friends, or people you workout with. So it brings you closer together and there’s just something about finishing up at Big Bay as well.”

Skaw said the event is good for new runners as well.

Exchange points are similar to years before, marked in safe places along 550. The City of Marquette will not be closing any roads for the event, but is asking community members to drive with caution.

To sign up click on the link, Big Bay Relay.