Local organization hosts Mental Health First Aid classes

ISHPEMING– One local organization is offering a free classes to raise awareness about mental health. What will the class be like? The Great Lakes Recovery Center claims its comparable to a CPR first aid class.

The first Mental Health First Aid class was held today in Ishpeming. At the GLRC community center local adults gathered learning about youth mental health. There are two different classes, that range about eight hours long, and are offered across the Upper Peninsula.

“Mental Health First Aid is kind of like CPR First aid except it talks about Mental Health crises,” Community Relations representative Amy Poirier said. “People love the class, when they learn that there are other classes they jump on the other classes right away if it’s appropriate. We offer classes in adult mental health first aid, we offer classes for people who work with youth, or people who work with veterans.

The classes cover a range of issues including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Occupants in the class range from students, parents, medical professionals and teachers. Right now all the classes have a waiting list.

For more information visit Great Lakes Recovery Center.